Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friendship Video Blog!

Today is the fifth and final day of our Women and ICT training. Maybe for some of us, this training became a temporary relief from the rigorous work we do in our office. I will definitely miss the kind smiles, shared laughter, yummy food (oh, do I have to mention the most yummy part??! ;) internet surfing & blog galore, and the warm camaraderie shared by the group :)

I want to thank everyone for sharing your time, skills, friendship and smiles :) I hope that our last day in this training is not the end - but the start of a beautiful partnership towards a common goal of uplifting the lives of marginalized women- especially among the poorest of the poor.

I made this MTV rush so I wasnt able to render the music well. There was a little turbulent part in the beginning but it smoothen out till the end ;) The music is from Kamikazee who did an Apo Hiking song remake of "Do Bi Doo." I still need to rehash this video but if you want to have a copy, feel free to drop me a line ;-)

This is my 'best effort' send off gift to everyone, I hope you enjoy it! :)

4 comments: said...

Wow this is a great video. I will certainly link to it so that others could check it out. Cheers! Great work there!

joan_pinon said...

Hi! Great Video!

I am happy that I met you guys!
Let's keep in touch.
I'll definitely include this in my blog.

bbr said...

hi Gichelle

good start! i have been blogging for 1-1/2 year now, but still i have not done even a single video.

true--in each gathering of Filipinos, there would be smiles and camaraderie, and yesm good food.

good luck--keep on blogging.

Sexy Mom at

REG said...

ang ganda naman ng vlog!!! ka-inggit, wala ako hehehe...seriously, it was really nice meeting you ladies :-)