Monday, May 19, 2008

An Unexpected Pregnancy

For years, my friends have always wondered why I don't do blogging.

I have to admit that I do have a snob attitude about it. I think that there are already too many bloggers so why would I care to join the bandwagon?

But deep in my heart, I knew I always like to start one :)

Getting into a week long training on "Women Empowerment in the Age of ICT" where we have to produce our own blog seems to be a perfect excuse for my long overdue blogging experience.

Our first day of training isn't over yet I am here having my unexpected pregnancy for my blog baby- Matang Laya.

I have always been idealistic about contributing towards a caring society. For more than 10 years, I tried to dedicate a life which brings me nearer to that goal. I hope that this blog can translate various learning and unlearning experiences that I gained from the past.

As a former media practitioner currently engage in social development work, it important to study and understand the potential risks and gains of various ICT tools. This will help in building an alternative media that will also represent the marginalized sectors meaning for cultural identity, ideology, social and political interaction.

Through this training, I expect to gain more practical knowledge and tools that can be used in creating opportunities for empowerment and social transformation among marginalized communities which include women as priority sector.

I also hope to explore potential networks that can partner with our unit - Research and Extension for Development Office's (REDO) similar endeavor in pursuing a common goal in creating a better society

To my classmates, I give a blog toast to our collective efforts and shared gains!



thegrapebunch said...

congratulations in giving birth to your new baby! ;) looking forward to more births and new beginnings from you! ;)

ps: winner ang photo! he he..

gichelle said...

Uyy thank you! I will definitely keep you posted! Thank you again for inspiring us! :)

Bing Parcon said...

Hi Giselle,

Kinarir mo talaga ang blog mo ha? At reluctant blogger ka pa nyan. hehehe

mader, pakisuyo naman po. pakisabi kay gina na di ako makakapunta today kasi masama ang pakiramdam ko.

thanks and enjoy today's workshops.

Bing aka spicysugar

sexyshiela said...

mami GG,

ganda mo na brainy ka pa, height na lang kulang pang binibining pilipnas ka na po hehehehe... yung body pwede na caryng cary mo naman eh....

nice meeting you thank you sa pagiging lang hope to see you again after this training ...keep in touch

gichelle said...

hi bing! alam na ni gina :)

miss you girl! magpagaling ka para join ka sa amin tomorrow :)

uyy order ako pesto ha :)

gichelle said...

hi baby shiela!

Thank you sa iyong sweet comment! You are also one sweet, approachable, helpful, and pretty young woman! I wish you all the best!

kay jd said...

i like what you wrote, just like you a better society is also what i a dreaming of and just like you, im am also an advocate of women empowerment.

as a bonus in every seminar, group activity etc. where i get to meet new friends and eventualy knowng their birthdays (priority ko yan),my treasures in life (friends) tend to increase, kaya yumaman na naman ako, and of course you are an added treasure.

till next time. stay happy, pretty and healthy.

ms congeniality daw ako eh. so i'm living up to that ha ha ha

kay jd said...

hi gigi,

good you weer able to catch up today. i was looking for you in the morning eh.
tomorrow is our last day , but we are on-line and what a good way to keep in touch.always take care.