Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pro-active & Preventive Measures for School Security & Shooting Incidents

I feel troubled and sad for what happen *always happen :( *  to vulnerable students and teachers when a psychopath decided to take over another person's world as his/her own. There are many things to talk about -- from the point of view of parental duty to raise healthy kids, school security and disaster management, state obligation and related policies, to crafting community based solution towards addressing this crisis.
Since its been a recurring incident, I think its high time that US also became more vigilant with a preventive scheme of managing incidence of classroom related violence.
I recently emailed my cousin exploring possibilities of how her group can come up with creative pedagogies with the end goal of creating classroom schemes/ set up for emergency and disaster management such as these recurring shooting incidents. In the same principle that we prepare for natural disaster to save lives, preparing for classroom emergency and disaster plan should also be kept in mind. 
I'm sure this is not the first time people talk about it. However, recurring incidents also tells us there is probably a need to revisit and evaluate guidelines towards a more wholistic and integrative approach to school security and disaster management.
Instead of being reactive and looking for a place to seek cover/conceal, maybe there is also a need to redesign the classroom setup with emergency rooms/space and emergency buttons as signal for others on what to do. Final security design should remain confidential information for school authorities. These recommendations can be done through a participatory problem assessment workshop and creative objective setting which can be initiated by a collaboration of national security machinery, school authorities and CSO with the same capacity. The idea is to cascade these security preventive measures/guidelines to every school.
Creative pedagogies help a lot in terms of processing emergency crisis especially among traumatized children. We can learned a lot from the experiences of managing children-in-conflict situation.
Thank you for taking time reading my spontaneous thoughts. I just need to think about something... other than feeling traumatized for witnessing how beautiful lives became wasted when a personal crisis ends with a deadly tragedy through a single act of violence. Again, these actions can also be attributed to the bigger issue of perpetuating intergenerational reproduction of gender inequalities. 

I share my moment of silence and prayers to the grieving families and all victims of violence.