Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pictures, Vlogs and more! :)

Day 4: Social Reconstruction of
Filipina Image Online
Reshaping the image of Filipinas online are "Sexy Mom" and the "Mother of Digital Philippines"

Meet a whole bunch of Filipinas
who will promote the same cause!

more stories soon! :)


Dianga said...

hey ya, updated agad ng pictures. bilis matuto na student na ito =)

Bing Parcon said...

hi gurl! sorry i wasn't able to finish the training. nagkasakit na kami pareho ng anak ko. i was down for 3 days! tapos nagvaccine ang baby ko kaya nilagnat. heniwey, i know y'all had fun. and i missed it! :(

i'll post another message re: your order.

bing said...

Wow thank you for the photo there and I'm glad you enjoyed the training.